It might be hot girl summer, but it’s time to cool off.

Photo by Anastasia Taioglou on Unsplash

Summer doesn’t have to melt your face off. Revisit this episode of Dharma Drops Podcast for tips about how Ayurveda can help you stay cool.

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Yoga and Ayurveda teacher Irina Adriaensen is joining the Dharma Drops conversation all the way from Portugal in this special mini-drop episode! For many, the summer solstice is the marker of the transition in the hottest days of the year — and when our embodiment of pitta dosha can get out of balance. But, as Irina explains, Ayurveda offers tangible solutions to harmonize the mind, body, and soul. Most importantly, she reminds us that Ayurveda offers us the opportunity to tune in and make choices that serve us best all summer long.